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De slingers ophangen kan iedereen

You know that. There is an opening of a building to arrive, there is a jubilee to celebrate, your customers should be pampered once again or your employees could use a boost after a re-organization or merger. Where do you start? With a conversation with the marketing manager or head of PZ. Of course you have ideas about it and give it along. Subsequently, an internal brainstorm takes place, possibly involving the PV. Everyone has promptings, totally crazy, everything may be called and a neat report is made. And then it comes. “What now? We will ask a desk for it because it is a lot of work. I just have to add it all up. “

What is wrong now? At first sight not so much. It can work best in this way serije online if you have an isolated event without a message. A nice party. Only, this approach is almost impossible to mention today. It costs a lot of money because it is a one-time contact moment and every cent you have to be able to account properly. And yet we make almost every week that too much money is spent for a one-off event that does not last.

What could be much better in this example is the approach to the event. That starts with the question which story you want to tell your target group. If you have the story clear, you can translate that into chapters in creative terms, call it moments, so that the event eventually becomes part of a higher strategic goal of your organization. In this way you turn to a self-standing momentum to a journey of memorable moments with the event as apotheosis. This campaign-minded approach, in which design and styling also play an important role, obviously has more impact than conceiving and organizing one festival. “And the organization of all this then? And the operational activation of my target groups? “These are indeed the next phases in the process.

Surprise, inspire and connect … that is what it is all about in your organization every day. Connecting people themselves, people with brands, people with society, but also the connection with your target groups. Storytelling. That is what my team is happy to help you with. We have been doing this for almost 25 years. Because with a good story we make the difference together and an idea really comes to life. With the following result; connecting events and effective live communication in which your marketing communication objective and the experience of your target groups are seamlessly connected!


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